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Fire Alarm

Whether it’s a retail shopping center or multifamily apartment building, BMT Technologies Inc has top-of-the-line fire alarms and monitoring solutions. 


Fire Alarm Installation & Design

  • Whether working directly with the owner, or owners representative, architect, engineers, general contractor or other contractors, we provide an end product to suit all your needs.

  • With our in-house licensed fire protection engineers, and NICET certified designers and drafters, we can engineer and design any fire alarm system needed.

  • Technicians are manufacturer trained and certified.

  • We have working relationships will our local AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction / Code Inspectors), this ensures a smooth installation and sign off to get you open and ready for business.

Engineering & Consulting

  • Our team of professionals specialize in fire alarm design, from guidance drawings to electrical calculations.

  • We implement a high-quality testing process

  • All aspects of construction are inspected during the installation process

  • Fire codes and building codes are assessed ensuring your security system meets the requirements

Testing & Inspection

  • Depending on the NFPA requirements, we inspect systems on a quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis.

  • Every annual inspection includes a functional test as well as a visual inspection of all system parts.

  • As these inspections are required by law, we can ensure you stay compliant.

  • Once Summit Fire & Security completes the inspection, we send you a copy of the entire fire alarm inspection report, which can accommodate NFPA and local requirements.

Service, Repair, Maintenance

  • Depending on the NFPA requirements, we inspect systems on a quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis.

  • To keep your systems in tip-top shape, our staff offers routine maintenance services.

  • Whenever you need a repair or service, we offer 24/7 emergency solutions.


  • We offer fire alarm system monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone line, radio (RF), cellular, or IP communicator.

  • Our expert team tracks and monitors fire alarm systems offsite at our advanced facilities. We can effectively track Normal, Alarm, Supervisory, and Trouble conditions.

  • Even if a fire alarm system is installed by another company, we can provide monitoring solutions.

  • As UL monitoring standards can be confusing, we’ll ensure you’re equipped with the right paperwork and coordination.

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